Bilingual secretarial language services and translations

I work as a freelance bilingual secretary, translator, text corrector/editor and interpreter and offer a comprehensive range of secretarial and language services.


As a freelance bilingual secretary, I work with companies and individuals who need to communicate and correspond with foreign companies or individuals, and who require the services of an English and Spanish language expert who is familiar with Internet and ICTs.


I tend to work for small to medium-sized companies who occasionally deal with Spanish clients but have also worked with larger, more well-known companies such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, MYOB, Bus logic, etc.


As a translator and editor, I specialise in the following subjects:

      • computing

      • artificial intelligence

      • software

      • programming

      • economics

      • banking

      • finance


Some of my current clients include the Universities of Granada, Jaén, Almería and Málaga, and Spanish and International banking institutions and federations.


Personal information

My name is Sarah Brenchley. I am English and have a BA (Hons.) degree in Spanish (specialising in translation and interpreting).


For over 20 years, I have worked as a translator and bilingual secretary. I have lived in Spain since 1986 and speak fluent Spanish. I am fully computer literate.



The translation price depends on the complexity of the document. I normally charge between 0.10€ and 0.15€ per word. When I receive the document to be translated, I will calculate the total price and reply immediately.


The correction price varies between 0.04€ and 0.08€ per word, and will also depend on the original document.



I can accept the following credit cards and means of payment:

translations traducciones

You can also pay by bank transfer if you prefer.



Please send me any documents as an email attachment so that I can calculate the price and time required to complete the work. I can send and receive documents in any format (doc, rtf, pdf, tex, txt, html, etc.).


If you require a quote for a web site, please e-mail me the web site address.



I can be contacted at the following email address: